This past Sunday was ice cream cone Sunday in Junior Church. There were 17 in Jr. Church this past Sunday with 5 visitors on the van! Brother Mark and Alyssa started this program over two years ago and Mike, Erin, and Mrs. Doster are the current trio leading it. This next Sunday is PIZZA PARTY SUNDAY! 

We have several Sunday School classes here at Victory, and one of them is the primary class. Mrs. Elaine Doster and Mrs. Erin Eddy teach this class of children 2nd grade to 6th grade. Each of our classes have two teachers that work together to teach their students the Bible and offer activities during the week. Below are some pictures of a recent activity- Mrs. Doster and Mrs. Eddy took the kids to McDonalds and mini golfing. I am sure they are very thankful they took a few hours out of their week to invest in the lives of their students. We need more work done Monday through Saturday OUTSIDE the four walls of the church! We are very proud of these teachers and their love for the Lord and His children.
We have a weekly program we started this year for our kids on Wednesday nights during our Bible Study hour. The kids learn Bible songs and they learn about different character traits from the Bible. They have a great time, and every six weeks, we have them sing in our Sunday morning service. Right now, they are learning about being a soldier for Jesus!

We will work to get you some pictures from our Big Day on May 4th and the Revival Meetings that followed. We were thrilled to have 61 in attendance on our Big Day with 11 first-time visitors! One lady walked the aisle and trusted Christ for salvation! Then Brother Miller and Brother Gray brought tremendous Spirit-filled messages from the Word of God each and every time they spoke. We are sad to see the meetings go but excited to see God work in the lives of many in our church. If you are looking for a church that teaches and preaches THE BOOK, come on out and join us!
We are very grateful for the blessings of the week that God brought! There were 19 out soul-winning on Saturday with one trusting Christ; 76 in attendance in the morning service with one trusting Christ; 2 were baptized; 10 first-time visitors; 20 in children's church; and to top all of that off, the services were Spirit-filled! God is at work, and we are amazed by it!

As I was driving home from passing out tracts in Bushnell, I looked back and Logan was asleep with a church flier in his hand. My wife and I have been taking all of our boys soul-winning, and they are passing out tracts to people. Our boys may never get to see Disneyland, but they get to see kids who live in trailers and apartments- kids who are not blessed to have parents who take them to church- and hopefully they will see these kids get saved and start attending church. Soul-winning is a family activity!! God is no doubt very proud of these young men who are joyfully obedient in the work of God.

We kicked off our Spring Program with a church-wide soul-winning breakfast. Nineteen people showed up, and we all loaded up and passed out tracts and fliers. Brother Doster is teaching each week about passing out tracts. Four people got saved as a result of the efforts on Saturday!

Picturephoto credit: Alyssa Eddy Contact: alyssa.dawn707@yahoo.com
Kaley Sue Ruff was born on March 21, 2014 to Chester and Jessica Ruff. She was several weeks early, as you can see by the picture her size in relation to her daddy's hand. Jessica had quite a few complications but both mom and baby are doing good. Prayers were offered by multiple people in our church and family friends, and we are thankful for God's grace. Little Kaley gets to share a birthday with her grandpa, our Pastor!


We have started a Wednesday Night Bible club for our kids. It is called the Patch the Pirate Club. Mrs. Leonas and Mrs. Eddy are leading this group of young people. They memorize Bible verses, sing songs, hear a Bible story, and soon they will be singing in our Sunday services. If you have children, this is a good ministry to give you just a little assistance as you raise them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord!